Worlds Collapse, Civilizations Fade

I just couldn’t get with the pacifists. They’re not my people and I don’t respect them. So back to being me.

And Aye. It’s true. Our puny civilizations collapse and fade amidst the backdrop of time. Our lives largely meaningless, our actions mostly futile, save for the little things. Individuals, movements, tribes, governments all shrink under the weight of the future and technology. Though the study of history moves and changes us, we cannot escape the fascination with our present, our own selves, our pathetic hobbies, our wants. Once technology takes hold, there is no stopping it. It is our present, our all, for it steals our purpose. Yes, paved roads are awesome, but at least slogging through the mud gave us something to do. Yes, your stupid, terrible bacon tastes good to you, but if you’d have had to hunt that animal in the middle of winter to survive, then it would have been forgivable, understandable. Right now, you’re just a lazy d-bag who’d rather stop at KFC and stuff garbage into their mouth than devote even a fraction of serious thought to the repercussions of your actions. Veganism isn’t hard. It’s the least a person can do. And most people just don’t give two shits or want to keep their blinders.

And meanwhile this mass consumer, mass surveillance, massively fraudulent world of ours grows ever more warlike on the backs of our plastic consumables, credit cards, drones, cruise missiles and cars. We humans become ever more compliant, watchful, alone and robotic. For those with the eyes and willingness to see, ours is a bleak reality: one of ecological annihilation behind a screen of window dressing, convenience and self-reflection.

Like to admit it or not, our window of time has passed. We are on the downward slope here, friends. And while our kind has doomed itself to extinction, the earth will remain and regenerate…until some other creature with too large a brain comes along and starts fucking it up all over again.

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