“The Main Attraction: Distraction”

A famous line by a famous band, and no less applicable to today’s world of consumption, war and self-aggrandizement. We need so much to keep our reflected image floating on a current of odious feedback. Nice clothes, the right friends, new phones, constant updates in the world of current events. We drive lovely cars and shape our lives into lifestyles and brands.

Meaningless toys, all. Behind the our facade of freedom, education and democracy is a world of war, despair, murder and mayhem. Our figureheads talk about the “useful idiots” of Russia but the typical American is nothing more than a useful idiot of our own country, its allies and intelligence services, and of course the transnational corporation. We are complicit every time we get in our cars and drive to the store and buy something.

Most Americans are well-meaning and also magnificently dulled to the horrific wake of their way of life. From the toilet paper they use, to the sports they watch, to the heat in their homes, to the ribcage on their dinner plate, everything is wrapped in a softly focused lens of american entertainment and daily routine. Life as seen on the big screen, projected into your living room.

Promote your veganism and pull back the curtain on at least this fragment of our terrible circus. Who knows how deep the rabbit hole really goes?

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