Feral Masses March–A Dream

To your battlestations.

Whatever we’re doing is not enough–the evil killers are winning.

Meat consumption, rampant consumerism, global corporatism, ecological collapse, militarism, dominator culture, cults of personality: all on the rise.

The elite hear the cries, see the suffering and do not care. They won’t stop killing and looting until every natural resource has been stripped from our burnt out, collapsed societies, and we the feral masses march on their glittering palaces and houses of parliament.

It’s time to choose sides. The enemies have been given more than enough time to do what’s right and they’ve refused to change their ways–still wearing leather and fur, still torturing and killing human and non-human animals for fun and profit, the latest glittering electronic items still consume them. Bombs fall from the skies. Global surveillance, repression and brainwashing is the new normal.

The days of reckoning are near when hierarchical structures of oppression and domination are reduced to rubble. Sharpen your blades. Hone your inner edge. Find love and compassion in your souls. Get in the streets and make your message heard. Find comrades. To your battlestations.

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