Blood In, Blood Out

We demand all heed our call to an endless war upon ignorance, hypocrisy and senseless destruction of life and earth. Our children and their children will pay a massive price for a demented progress that only benefits the wealthiest.

In our modern world, all beings suffer for the gain of the elite, the world a shattered remnant of what once was. Its offspring, its blood, its breath, all enslaved beneath the ever-altering and destructive head of capital. The modern human rests softly in a snug shell of illusion and comfort, earning money by day to survive, all eyes on a screen at night. And to make that money and keep those screens on, even for the good among us, means to destroy the air, the water, the soil, the poor and defenseless. We’ve stripped ourselves of our strength, natural ability to survive, and communion with the earth.

But to survive we must stand determined to eliminate these acts of wanton destruction as best we can, to alleviate the suffering of others. There will be trial and error, there will be blood on our hands, we will be shortsighted and we will also have vision beyond our time. We’re living in the shadow of a grotesque humanity, one that tortures and kills defenseless animals, whether chicken, sow or human, to satisfy our basest desires. We can feed and clothe and accommodate ourselves without reaping senseless havoc on our planet. What are we thinking?

Our lives are ruthlessly miserable and we salve our mental anguish with drugs, meaningless, hackneyed consumer goods; offering our bodies and souls up to our corporate masters. Fuck them. Redeem your life and body, tattoo your spirit with a hardened creed and fight back. They don’t love you, they just want your money, they want your time, they want your life.

The first step is to stop eating dead animals and their bodily fluids. It’s disgusting, cowardly, soulless and it’s destroying the earth.

Also…if you’ve made it this far, help a soldier out and share this little scrawl with your friends. It’d be nice of ya, if ya feel like it.

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