All Eyes on Revolution

Familiar territory: we are vegans and vegetarians to fight injustice and inequality, our very lives protest against corrupt systems that value profit over welfare. There can be no denying that we occupy spaces dominated by the elite, the enemy, the rival. Billionaire, neoliberal and neoconservative capitalists are destroying the earth and all its inhabitants to feed their base desires.

While they hold capitals and capital atop their financial pyramids,  believing they wield the scepters of power as our new kings, we must remember that we the people are our own true masters, though slaves we may be right now.

When we fight back, when their capitalist, imperialist systems of control finally break down, possibly destroyed by their own devices, e.g. machine learning, warfare and AI, then we the people must decide: will we retake our rightful place as an organic part of the earth, finally destroying the machines for all time; or will our humanity perish, subsumed by entities who aim to turn us into fuel?

We must stand in unity–color, class, creed, nationality–all artificial devices will find communion in revolution. We must put aside our differences, cast away our conditioning and find strength in togetherness. There is no other way except liberation for all people and animals the world over, and there is no path except struggle.

We are castaways on an island of consumption and we must stop turning ourselves into products to feed our vanity. There is no power for the individual behind a logo. We’ll have to cease engaging with this fabricated world of perpetual, mindless entertainment: social media, television, movies, smartphones, indulgent self-help, distraction, alcohol and narcotics. If we just go home, have a couple beers and turn on Netflix while dithering around on IG…then revolution will not happen. As the Coup once said: “Revolution never came from the end of a blunt.”

The poor, the disenfranchised, the middle, the oppressed, the strange, the immigrant–we hold the power, we hold the keys to equality and liberation. It starts within and moves towards the center.

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