Let’s Run This

Sometimes it all feels a bit hopeless, doesn’t it?

Sometimes it feels that humanity is lost. We’re so well versed at hiding from the violent realities of our world and personal actions that our wanton and cruel desires flourish. We live in a world that promotes feeling as though we can be anything we want, each of us a self-made celebrity on a screen. Unlike previous eras, when at night or in the early morning hours our failures came back to haunt us without reprieve, now our ballooned self-image remains within arm’s reach, a pacifier to suckle us back into our warm cocoon of vanity, an unbroken continuum.

Thus we the elite kill, torture, bomb, and enslave humans all around the globe. We need phones. We need oil. We need to feel masculine or powerful. We use—and something suffers and dies, usually the earth its inhabitants.

So let’s minimize our destruction, shall we? Let’s be vegan, okay?. When you kill and torture animals for food and then eat them…you are putting murder in your mouth. When we kill and torture animals for clothing, we are wearing murder. When we oppress and destroy small, furry, feathered and helpless creatures, we are forgiving the continued oppression of all creatures seen as “weaker” than the oppressor–and the hyper-masculine male rapes the “inferior” female…and so on.

If we humans are as advanced as we claim then surely we’ve come up with a way of living without needlessly destroying billions of animals to satisfy our mindless cravings, right?

Right. It’s called veganism. Spread the word. Save some lives. Take some action. Live your vision.

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