Lift the Veil

We’re vegan. How we got here matters very little.

Upon arrival we learn that our lives have been based on lies–the lies of our schools, of our parents, our teachers, the cafeteria ladies; lies of the state, lies of the corporation. Lies of the bible, lies of the koran. From the clothes on our backs, to the food in our mouths, to the cars we drive in, to the flags of our countries. Our families, our friends–all filled with the lies that sustain our fevered consumption and domination of things considered inferior.

You’re a feminist? Only if you’re vegan.

You’re a environmentalist? Only if you’re vegan.

You’re a homeless advocate? Only if you’re vegan.

Water protector? Only if you’re vegan.

Teacher? Only if you’re vegan.

The list goes on. Until you’ve opened your eyes and reckoned your place in this world, your part in the way we treat the earth, and then done something about it, you will never understand the unity of oppression that encompasses the globe. To use a slaughterhouse to torture and destroy a lone chicken for food means that we have no reverence for life; no reverence for the earth; no reverence for anything we call inferior; and because we consider the physically weaker or smaller to be inferior then we feel free to do whatever it is that we want. Wear them, eat them, torture them. It doesn’t matter.

Until we recognize that another life, even the smallest, is not ours to destroy, we will  plunder the lives of those deemed inferior.

Once we see the unity of oppression as Consolidated once called it, then we will also discover the path toward unity.

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