No F-ing Vegan Recipes Here

You’ll never find a fucking vegan recipe on this website. Or an ad. Or a product review.

While it’s true we all must eat and cooking is really fun, it’s just not the point of this mass of 1s and 0s.

More importantly, vegan-food blogs promote the stereotype of veganism as a diet–as in the thing my mother was always doing. It’s essentialism, boiling us down to a bunch of gluten-free, high-maintenance freaks. Type “vegan blog” into the search engine of your choice (hopefully not G) and you’ll get nothing but recipe lists–“50 Vegan Foods for Better Health” and so on.

We are not here to feed your body–we are here to feed your soul and mind. We’re not vegan to lose weight, we’re vegan to fight back, to wake you the fuck up, to stand against state- and corporate-sponsored terror, to protect all imprisoned beings.

I’ll just leave this here, a song from one of our favorite vegan straight edge bands, Wolf X Down:

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