Flesh and Bones; Death and Taxes

The time to act is now. There can be no waiting, no games. Our earth, the giver of all things, is dying. The air, water, and soil fails under our watch. We take and do not give, we take and do not care. We murder animals and humans for profit, for fun, for food. We tear apart the earth and emit toxins in our wake, all to line the pockets of the elite. Whole nations crushed by corporate plutocrats so that the rich may continue to live in their fabricated worlds, the few benefit off the many.

Non-violent protest is but one tool to use–and yet we must also question its effectiveness. When the entities that confront the people rely on force, terror, intimidation, incarceration, suppression and fear, what is left but action? What is left when the voices of independence, freedom and democracy are shuttered by the very organizations that are supposed to protect them?

Our governments have been overcome by capitalist greed and power–when elected officials speak of “the people,” the oligarchs and their attendant corporate beasts are the ones they speak of. The powerful do not care about us, save for our money, save for our work ability, save for our submission. WE are the animals locked in cages of our own creation and we regenerate the cycle through feasting on the flesh and bones of others–their hides, their meat, their labor, and tacit servitude.

We see veganism as a path to freedom for all people, all creatures. Open your mind and know that to consume flesh and bones is to put these governmental, corporate, racist, hateful, misogynist, sexist, bigoted, controlling ideologies into our bodies. When we consume their state-sponsored terror, we become supporters of all that it represents, the horrors dominating our world. We must break free to survive, break free for unity and release from oppression.

Or close your eyes, have a drink, turn on the television, take the blue pill, and just ride this doomed, toxic, deleterious train to our blackened fate.


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