When People Ask Why I’m Vegan

I used to say “it’s complicated.” ‘Cos it is.

But now I just say: “‘Cos we do some fucked up shit to animals.” It doesn’t HAVE to be any more complicated than that.

It’s totally insane, the way we treat these creatures without culpability, responsibility or moral compass. And the corresponding “affection” we lavish on our so-called pets is ridiculous. No, your dog doesn’t want to wear a fucking costume. No, she doesn’t need a spiked collar. And no, it doesn’t understand complete sentences.

Every single time you allow animal flesh to cross your lips or permit their leathered skin to “adorn” your body you reveal your antipathy for the earth and its occupants. You reveal: your groupthink; your lack of critical analysis; your sustained cruelty; your viciousness; your idleness; your lack of vision; your foolishness; your clogged arteries; your support for corporate rule; your laziness; your guilt; your complicitness. And so much more.

Stand up for yourself, your community, the animals, the world, the universe, for all that came before you and what will come after. Be vegan–it’s the very least you can do.

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