Smoke, Mirrors and Ever-Altering Reflections

We think we know what is right. We think we know the truth. We think. We know. We. The. People.

The collective american consciousness, media driven, beholden to the elite, knows what it’s told. Violence is bad. Freedom is good. America is not bad. It is the land of the free. With us, or against us. Toe the line, fake news, real news. Trump is bad, truth will triumph.

Speak these abhorrent, vile words to the Iraqi people, the Afghani people, the Yemeni people, El Salvadorans, Nicaraguans, the Germans, the Japanese, the Puerto Ricans, the Cubans, the Vietnamese, the Cambodians, the Grenadians, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Pakistan, Somalia…the occupants of hundreds of countries across the globe where the US has military bases.  You are now free! We did not bomb you into submission, destroy the soul of your country. We have liberated you. You do not have nuclear weapons pointed at you.

Coo these words to the millions of animals held captive, tortured and mutilated for food and clothing–transported in near-zero conditions and frozen alive to the sides of a tractor trailer. Purchased in plastic bags and styrofoam platters, offered up at sumptuous feasts, stuffed down the gullets of your disgusting fucking turd kids, with their blue eyes, guns and rights. Good beef for good Americans.

Whisper these lies in the ear of a poor brown prostitute, prostrate on a stained mattress or in a tractor trailer. Land of the free. Land of the free.

And yet…this is not violence. This is national security. Our fresh air, clean water and waving fields of grain. Fruited plains. Tall walls, strong fences. ICE. To raise strong kids, with healthy teeth and bones. This is Freedom. This the American way. This is America.

And we have blood on our hands. All of us, with our high-minded values, abstention, our critiques of the west. Just carry your cardboard sign, your confessional, chant your mantra. But toe the line, buy some stuff, watch your television, and do your yoga. Ommmmmmmmmmm.


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