Ways we can fight back

Most people are powerless to fight back against this many-headed beast that is western civilization. It’s true that we enjoy a blessedly ignorant, high-standard of living in the west–but at a tremendous cost to the earth and its beings. Entire nations in the middle east have been bombed into another century–schools with mud floors, hundreds of thousands displaced, millions dead and gravely wounded. Most living on less than $2 a day….while a Chinook helicopters flies above, burning petrol dollars like there’s no suffering in the world, and armed drones obliterate villages with hellfire missiles. It’s shameful.

So what does the average person have to do? Most do nothing, maybe a little hand-wringing on Facebook. Some will take public transit, doing their part to make the world better. Others will march with their homemade signs, congratulating each other on making a difference. And while these are all well-intentioned acts, the likely truth is that they are meaningless. The elite do not hear our voices or care about little marches; they do not care about our chanting, hand-holding or passive resistance. We are nothing but childish voices in their deep and hallowed halls of money.

We have to live outside their circles of imperialist, self-serving, state-controlled violence.

The first thing we can do is not eat or use the flesh of animals. They are not ours to kill or wear–turning them into a commodity props up nasty, vicious industries making huge profits off the earth by feeding us substandard, inhumane food items. Just leave those disgusting fucking chicken wings in the freezer door at your friendly neighborhood supermarket. Don’t put it in your mouth. If you’ve done that, then you’re one notch closer to freedom.

Next up…get on a bicycle and use that thing as much as you can. Trips to the corner store? You got this. Ten mile commute to work? Fun and easy on a bike. Run red lights and stop signs, wear a mask and a helmet..breathe that fresh-ish air–it’s good physical and mental exercise to keep you fit for the coming apocalypse 😉 Plus it will help you see the world differently, just like being a vegan. Can’t ride a bike cos you have knee pain? Get an electric bike–stop making excuses.

Hell…if you’ve come this far, why not give up drugs and alcohol for a couple weeks, months, years or even your life. You don’t need it and it’s a fucked up industry, just like the meat business. They are selling you poison wrapped up in fancy packaging. Sound familiar?

Ditch the rest of their bullshit. Turn off the tv and read a used book. Turn off your cellphone and take out the battery (if you even can). Get out from behind the computer.

Buy used clothes. Don’t shower every day. Grow your own food and give it out to the homeless. Whatever you do, keep expanding your awareness of their powers and exploitation; don’t feed into their systems of violence and repression–which are found in essentially everything we use for feeling secure. Our ownership, our purchasing power, our cars, our status symbols. We have to reassess what it means to be alive and free on an individual basis–anything less is submission and tacit approval of imperialist violence.

And then you know what’s next.

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