Be Vegan Straight Edge. Wake Up.

They have us surrounded and we have come out with our hands up. Our consumption and decadence, feasting on the flesh, blood and bones of the earth, has rendered us complicit in an international theater of devastation waged by the military-industrial complex and their cohorts at the CIA.

We buy more crap we don’t need and we buy into their plan of global division and destruction. We distract ourselves with sports, phones, social media, television, radio, entertainment, clothing, nightclubs, alcohol, drugs. We are own celebrities only nobody is watching, save the NSA and our corporate overlords to whom we are nothing more than another cash cow to be milked.

It’s time to wake up. We are vegan straight edge not to make a difference, not just to save the animals per se (though we do of course love animals), but in silent and physical protest against a system hell-bent on global control by any means. We take ourselves out of the consumerist cycle and fight back. Will you?


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