Despite what the pundits would have you believe…

Despite the narrative, there is no turning back. Every single bit of natural resource that we’ve used and are using right now is inflicting a terrible toll on our mother earth. Every bite of cereal, every cup of coffee, every new tire, every article of clothing, every new window and turn of the key. None of this was meant to be and we’ve been doing it for hundreds of years.

Each item you buy and use or waste is taking something from the earth that was not supposed to be taken, never supposed to be used. Every-single-item. In primal earth, all living and dead things, every atom and molecule, worked in a harmony unimaginable to the human mind. Perfect synchronicity. Then civilization arrived to throw these majestic orbits out of alignment. And now, amidst this techno-industrial age, we are truly beyond salvation. No solar panel will save us, no carbon tax, not the vegan or the messiah. Only total destruction. There is no cure for what ails us, no defense against ourselves. Hopefully the earth will regenerate to reclaim what once was. Though even that is but a fantasy.

The shame and horror that we humans should feel at destroying what took billions of years to come to perfection. The horror. The First Nations people were right from the beginning.

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