Continue Breaking Those Chains

Break the chains of your mind.

If you’re reading this, then hopefully you’re a vegan. And if you are an ethical vegan in the western world, then you have already begun the task at hand. For we live in a place where massive multi-national corporations and conglomerates and government agencies do battle for control of our minds, dollars, autonomy and souls. We no longer pluck fruit from trees, rather we buy them in stiff-plastic wrappers, half a dozen at a time. Our water no longer comes from streams but from taps and bottles, controlled by wholly owned subsidiaries of Bechtel and Nestle. We no longer hunt and farm, but offer our dollars up to the lowest bidder at the grocery mart, consequences of that disgusting 80/20 ground beef be damned. We no longer commune with the earth, but a white man in the sky and a person with a collar or book. We move from box to box to box, wake, drive, sleep, wake, drive, sleep. Our masters let us party on the weekends with Captain Morgan to escape the terrors of the week, wishing away your monday for another friday. But if your death day fell on a sunday, wouldn’t you give anything for another monday with your loved ones? We think what they taught us in schools, what we read in the news, hear on the radio–the world seen through a darkened lens, offered up from the so-called arbiters of truth in a broken and distorted world.

We must break the binds that imprison our minds. Our governments, our media, our habits, our schools, our churches, our creditors and bankers, these are the links of chains held by plutocratic masters. We must strike them at the very heart–within our own minds. We live in a mental gulag—it’s time to plan your escape. Read more, think more, feel more, experiment. Pay your debts. Read banned or taboo material. Start with electronics. Destroy your smartphone. Throw a spanner into your social media accounts, ditch all things that start with G–from their search engine to their email. These web service companies need you–you are the human energy and revenue stream that power the beast. Remove yourself from their advertising pool, get out while you can. Take the battery out of your phone. Read poetry. Ride a bicycle. Hike. Feed the homeless. Help the marginalized. Grow  your own food. Write a letter. Look up at the sky–these birds and bees won’t be flying around forever.

We’re gonna break our rusty cage and run.

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