Your Beef is Covered in Poop

Don’t want to give up eating meat for the animals, the slaughterhouse workers, the environment, or your kids’ future? That’s okay, empathy isn’t for everyone. I get it. Ours is a culture that appreciates empathy and care only when YOU need  it. If you can’t bring yourself to give a crap about others, then at least consider yourself, because yes, the half-pound burger you had for lunch was likely covered in poop.

But it’s the UK, you say! It could never happen here, you say.

Oh contraire, mon frere.

If our species makes it long enough, we’ll look back on our carnivorous diet and recognize it for the barbaric thing it is–or at least one can hope. Though with a glance at how American institutions have grappled with slavery, or the destruction of the First Nations peoples, it once again seems unlikely that we’ll change any time soon.

“Minimising the risk of meat being contaminated with faecal matter is a priority, as it can contain bacteria that cause food-borne illnesses. Livestock can become caked with faeces on farms or in transport to slaughter and this can be transferred to carcasses during processing. These illnesses affect about a million people in the UK each year, according to official estimates, with around 20,000 admitted to hospital and 500 deaths annually. Foods most often linked to food poisoning include red meat, poultry and fish.”

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