Humanity Adrift

That people believe the consumption of flesh to be necessary for human health is a testament to both modern marketing and humanity’s failure. The capacity for human beings to compartmentalize such intense, needless cruelty to defenseless animals speaks to the very foundations global inequality–our immediate needs, lusts and desires must be met, damn the consequences, damn the suffering. So long as we surround ourselves with high-enough walls we care nothing for the fate of those beings on the other side. Destroy, consume, pollute is humanity’s mantra and let us ride our heated toilet seats into our technological oblivion.

The individual human is utterly inconsequential, full of puny musings, scientific theorem, religious platitudes,  self-serving grandiosity. We have so little import, save for our ability to inflict widespread and massive casualty. Yet even the most miserable wretch feels as though they contain the entire universe within the confines of their flesh. Nothing more important than their child, their hunger, their insight, their voice; but we are just ants marching, and yet unlike the ant, we consume all in our path and leave nothing behind.



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