Veganism is the Base

MatrixBluePillRedPillAs dedicated vegans in an industrial era, we reject many of the norms western civilization has cast upon us. Life is different for us and we’re reminded of this at every meal, every time we don’t consume flesh, blood and bones, or wear leather or wool. And yet we don’t stop there–to be vegan is to cast off the chains that imprison our minds and bodies. We neither think nor live like carnivores; our lives are a protest against the nightmarish societies in which we live. Consumerism, racism, industrialism, distractionism, militarism, imperialism, incarcerationism, et cetera–all this and much more is force fed to us in the western world from birth to death.  But I’m preaching to the choir here.

On this journey from creation to decomposition we believe we’re in control, always learning, thinking, teaching, selling, buying, meditating. Always praying and loving, hoping and feeling. Yet we live in a world controlled by unseen corporate and government hands, controlling our choices, shaping our desires, defining our lives. Just another Sunday spent warding off your case of the Mondays, with your friends at the NFL, eating hotdogs and drinking some beers? Another self-congratulatory evening on social media, staring adoringly at your phone? Another yoga mat and pair of trainers for your workout? Just a little gas for your Prius or heat for your home? Organic vegetables and a delicious avocado? Truth is: we all have blood on our hands and our world is in ecological collapse because of us. You and I and all our brothers and sisters have wrecked the planet; civilization has ruined the world and there will be a ghastly toll to pay in a couple of generations.

So I ask again: red pill or blue pill? Red pill or blue pill? How far down the rabbit hole will you go? And what will you do to change the reality you find? And will any of it matter?

Please do respond if you read this. I wonder what others think.





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