Power Whores

Power whores have sold us out. Under the names of marketing, economic freedom, prosperity, advertising, war, consumerism, freedom….power whores have sold us out to the highest bidder. These highest bidders are typically arch-conservative plutocrats but they’re also bastions of technology like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. All feeding on our desperate, human needs for connection, recognition, status and love.

Meanwhile, in our pathetic attempts to gain these markers of civility and civilization, we’ve trampled the natural world in vainglorious acquisition of shoes, cars, clothes, food, strollers, backpacks, books, smartphones.

Save cataclysm, we obviously can’t go back to a pre-industrial world, nor do I hope for that. I do hope for a world where we can recapture our power, taking it back from the techo-industrial fat cats who see us as nothing more than lazy, ignorant dollar signs, layabouts whose bodies, brains and souls await harvesting.

The lies start at birth and we move through a world populated by more and more lies until we choose to lift the veil. the red or blue pill? the red or blue pill? You choose: your life, your family, your death. Will you fight to recapture whatever fragments of freedom, dignity and prosperity remain for the common human? We have rights only if we fight for them.

Or will you give up, give in. Will you keep watching tv, keep looking at your phone, keep your head down, keep your nose to the grindstone, keep getting in your car? Will you keep popping out kids, keep wrecking the earth, keep eating animals and wearing their flesh and fur for fashion? Will you keep being a walking billboard for your favorite sports team, whose owners also own your ass, chest, and head? Will you give it all up for an illusion?

Who will be your keeper when the earth is nothing more than a barren wrecking ball hurtling through space? Who is your keeper now? Who pulls your strings?



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